Prowess TraX Prowess Application for TRAnsfer Pricing TaXation with Automated Documentation
Fastest, Easiest, most Reliable way to find Comparables
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  • Prowess TraX is a desktop PC based service that works on a remote database over the internet.

  • A User Interface (Prowess TraX Software) needs to be downloaded from the ‘Download’ option on This software is available free of cost.

  • Buy one or more packs of 500 Queries priced at Rs.100,000 per pack (excluding indirect taxes) from your local CMIE Business Executive by filling and submitting the details alongside, or by contacting your local CMIE branch. Queries are consumables in Prowess TraX.

  • A Query is a set of conditions to find companies in the Prowess TraX database that satisfy such conditions. Read ‘What is a Query?’ to know more about queries.

  • Queries purchased are valid till used or upto 365 days from the date of purchase.

  • The payment can be made by cheque/demand draft, favouring Centre For Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt. Ltd.

  • Registered users can make payment using a valid Credit Card. If you are not a registered user of CMIE, you need to click on to register a new username. Registration is free.

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