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PraXis is a web-delivered subscription-based service that is available
only to academic establishments which grant academic certificates. The
subscription is active for a period of eight months commencing either
on 1 January or 1 July of every year.

  • One standard subscription to a PraXis edition provides access over a given set of IP addresses. The subscribing academic
    establishments is required to send an official communication listing the IP addresses over which the service would be accessed.
  • One standard subscription provides access to the service through 60 login ids for the 60 students, one 'Admin' login and five 'admin assistant' logins.
  • One subscription to a PraXis edition is Rs.118,000/- (Rs.100,000 plus 18.00% GST)
  • The payment can be made by cheque/demand draft, favouring Centre For Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt. Ltd. Payment can also be made using a valid Credit Card or Debit Card.
  • The sixty Students, the Admin and the five admin assistants need to register on the website. Please Click here to register.
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Subscription fees (inclusive of relevant taxes)
Currency Subscription for Research Institutions Subscription for Education Institutions##disc_rate##
INR 118,000 94,400
SGD 2,429 1,943
USD 1,716 1,373
GBP 1,387 1,110

Note: Subscription fees in currencies other than INR are reset every quarter to reflect changes in the exchange rate.