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ConsumerPyramids Dx - Consumer Sentiments in India - Wave data is a web-delivered annual subscription-based service. One subscription provides one login to the service. The subscription is active for one year from the date of activation.

  • The annual subscription to one login to access ConsumerPyramids Dx - Consumer Sentiments in India - Wave data is Rs. 305,552/-(Rs. 258,942 plus 18.00% GST).
  • The payment can be made by cheque/demand draft, favouring Centre For Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt. Ltd. Payment can also be made using a valid Credit Card or Debit Card.
  • One login provides a single access to the service at a time. Multiple accesses require multiple logins and subscriptions.
  • One standard subscription provides one login to the service. As a special case, Universities are offered access over a given set of IP addresses. The University is required to send an official communication listing the IP addresses over which the service would be accessed.
  • This service requires access to the internet, any of the standard browsers and installation of Flash Player.
  • A 'Standard Subscription' provides 7,000 Total Hits during the subscription period.
  • An IP-based subscription provides 50,000 Total Hits during the subscription period.
  • At the time of the payment, subscribers should provide a registered username, against which the payment is being made. The service will be activated for this username and the same can be used to access the service, Click here to register a new username. Note: If subscriber is already registered on any other online CMIE product, he may use the same username to subscribe to the service.
  • After receipt of payment and/or a given set of IP addresses in case of IP-based Subscription, the user will receive an mail at the registered username indicating activation of the service.

For further information or to subscribe to services, please fill in the details alongside and submit.

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Subscription fees
Currency Standard Subscription
'One Wave'
IP-based Subscription for research institutions
'All Waves'
IP-based Subscription for Education Institutions (incl. 20.00% discount)
'All Waves'
INR 305,551 152,777 122,222
SGD 5,417 2,709 2,167
USD 4,000 2,000 1,600
GBP 3,014 1,507 1,206
Total Hits 7,000 50,000 100,000


  • A 20.00% discount is given to Educational Institutions. The price in INR for 'IP-based Subscription for Educational Institutions' as given in the table above is inclusive of the discount and relevant taxes.
  • Subscription fees in currencies other than INR are reset every quarter to reflect changes in the exchange rate.